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We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint throughout the industry.

With Dianco you can make your purchasing power count towards a greater good.


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The diamond industry grapples with numerous environmental challenges throughout its supply chain. These include the extraction of natural resources through mining, which disrupts ecosystems, as well as energy-intensive manufacturing processes. Furthermore, commercial practices in the luxury sector contribute to energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation. Issues such as resource scarcity and soil and water contamination also persist. As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Dianco has pledged specific commitments aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dianco has a longstanding dedication to measuring and mitigating its environmental footprint. This commitment involves reducing emissions, conserving energy and water, and implementing resource-efficient practices.


Dianco has recently undertaken a comprehensive CO2-footprinting of its operations, marking the first instance of such an endeavor. This comprehensive approach encompasses not only Scope 1 and 2 emissions, which pertain to direct emissions and those derived from energy procurement, but also the more intricate Scope 3 emissions. Sustainably Brilliant, our esteemed environmental partner, has provided invaluable support throughout the process, aiding in energy audits, calculations, and result reporting. Scope 3 emissions encapsulate the entirety of a company's activities' end-to-end impact. For Dianco, this entails assessing the impact stemming from sourcing, transportation, and packaging across its global operations. The primary objective of this initiative was to compute Dianco's Scope 3 emissions in adherence to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard. While the calculations primarily rely on primary data, secondary data and extrapolations were utilized where necessary, ensuring transparency regarding data sources within Dianco and the methodologies employed to compute carbon emissions.

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