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Carbon emissions, like carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, are creating many challenges for our planet. Not only do carbon emissions contribute to climate change, they can have serious consequences for both humans and the environment. Carbon emissions raise global temperatures, which in turn causes changes in weather patterns and the growing seasons for our food sources.

Though this is a global problem, individual action can make a significant impact. Research has estimated that if one billion people take practical action in their own lives, we could reduce as much as 20% of global carbon emissions.


Over the years Dianco has been striving to create lasting impact on the global diamond industry, and now are also hoping to lead the front in the effort of reducing carbon emissions. Dianco is fully committed using their resources and innovation to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and help decarbonize the diamond industry.

Through the use of an independent third party, Dianco has begun calculating its carbon emissions for two sales offices and one of the factories, using the three scopes of the international standard GHG protocol. Dianco will then analyze the emission factors across the supply chain in order to significantly reduce its carbon emissions in the next couple of years to become a climate-positive company. Dianco also seeks opportunities to develop and use technologies that will help both the company and consumers cut their carbon footprint.

“Becoming carbon neutral in the diamond polishing industry is not an easy task,” says Sameep Mehta, Director of Dianco Group. “Nevertheless, it’s a goal we should all strive for. Even if we all start taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint, collectively those steps will have a larger impact on our industry.”

Dianco is one of nine De Beers Sightholders that has committed to the Sustainably Brilliant initiative, a programme with the ambitious goal towards creating a completely sustainable and responsible diamond pipeline. Through this program, participants pledged to develop concrete roadmaps to reduce carbon emissions and strive to eventually become net carbon zero.

But it’s not just the manufacturers who have concerns. We know that you, the customer, are also impacted and want to know that your purchasing power can and will be used towards a greater good. We encourage everyone in the industry to be a part of the solution and source from companies that take the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint. To learn more about our initiative, feel free to schedule a call with our team.

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