At Dianco, we purchase an array of rough diamonds from top gem quality rough to industrial rough diamonds. Dianco is a one stop shop, where we can meet all your rough purchasing needs. We offer rough from all of the four major mining companies
• Alrosa
• De Beers
• Dominion Diamonds
• Rio Tinto


Dianco offers a range of polished diamonds encompassing a variety of colours, clarities and carats. We offer round brilliants from 0.005cts to 0.90cts in:
• Whites from 0.005cts to 0.90cts
• Light Browns and Light Capes from 0.01cts to 0.17cts
• VVS-I3 qualities
• GIA, HRD and IGI certified loose diamonds, from 0.30cts to 3.00cts


Certified solitaire or else the graded ones are usually preferred when it comes to polished diamonds. Understanding the market needs, we offer a collection of GIA, IGA, and HRD certified goods. Simplistically stated, a graded diamond is verified and certified for all possible criterions like the cut, color, clarity, carat etc. To mention, the diamonds at DIANCO are impressively graded and our anthology includes solitaire up to 3 carats in D to 1 color, having clarities ranging from VVS to 13.


At DIANCO, we have constantly engaged the most advanced technology to ensure that we deliver the best quality to our esteemed clients. We follow quality driven procedures to reinforce that each stone which comes out of our manufacturing facility is the best and is consistently delivered in the most optimum cycle time.We produce a wide portfolio of top notch diamonds of different dimensions and quality. Our manufacturing focuses on best in class quality norms, which is reflected in our diverse finished product base. We mainly manufacture round whites and spotted white stones, which are between ½ to 50 points. We also handle TTLB and TTLC, which are between 1 point to 17 points and a range of other round-edged fancy and brilliant shapes like Stars, Full cuts, Melees, Pointers, Caraters, Larger specials, Ideal cuts, Certificate goods and Princess cuts.We provide GIA certified dossiers and our stones are certified from GIA, HRD and IGI for production between 90 points to 3 carats, with clarity ranging from VVS to 13. Our product portfolio consists of a diverse assortment of stones with excellent grading. We offer substantial volumes in D to I colours for all our product categories.